Thursday, 7 April 2011

Oooh, Look At The Pretty Colours

After spending most of today staring out of a train window at everything looking sunny and ace, i was chomping at the bit to get out for some evening climbing once I'd made it home. I arranged to meet Adam, Kate and Tammy the enthusiastic hound at Burbage South, and headed out into the Peak District. I arrived a bit early, so spent a few minutes pottering around on some problems I'd done before (and finding them disconcertingly hard work). Eventually I wandered down to the Tank, and managed to flash a V2 I'd failed dismally on a couple of years ago.

Adam, Kate and the mad canine soon arrived, and we spent a good couple of hours variously succeeding and failing on a whole bunch of problems. I established that I still can't smear or dyno, and that being able to reach holds Adam can't is still funny. We also both flashed the easiest V3 6a in the world (but couldn't even work out how to, let alone actually do, the V2 next to it), yay us.

And we were treated to a glorious sunset on the way back to the cars. Aceness. More of this please.

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