Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Evening Sunshine

Having settled down a little in both new house and new job, I managed to take advantage of the glorious weather on Monday, and headed out to the Plantation with Dan. I informed him that it was his lead, and he looked a bit nonplussed about having to decide what bit of the crag to head to, but as it felt a bit warm for trying anything particularly challenging I was happy to explore wherever we ended up.

Eventually our meandering led us to a slabby wall cut by an overlap at half height, somewhere up and right of Tower Face. Here we pottered up a couple of routes each, Dan leading a VS 5a and an HVS 5a, and me two VS 4cs. All four routes were very cruxy, with both of mine feeling like stiff 5a, Dan's HVS was the hardest to work out but the easiest to actually do, and his VS was desperate.

All in all it was a very pleasant evening, although marred slightly by the wonky grading and the fact that I managed to pull a muscle in my neck whilst very committed to a stupidly long reach. On the plus side, I managed to properly commit to the move beforehand, and I didn't fall off. Oh, and it was lovely and sunny too, even if there were a couple of wee midgey buggers lurking around. Boo.

Dan overwhelmed with psyche before leading his HVS

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