Monday, 26 March 2012

Sunshine At Stanage

It's summer. Or at least it appears to be. So I've been mostly celebrating the unseasonably ace weather by venturing to the far flung and rarely dry delights of, erm, the popular end of Stanage. And why not? Saturday afternoon and Monday evening both provided windows of opportunity, and climbing was done in the sun. Whoop.

Continuing the theme of leading classic VSs I've only seconded in the distant past, I did Hargreaves' Original today. It was suitably classic. I also righted a wrong by leading Green Crack, which I'd had a half-hearted look at last year. It was a delightful elegant thrutch. Marvellous.

Otherwise it's been obscure VSs - Ugly Mugs was worth it for one particularly spectacular jug in a superb position and The Z Crack was hilarious nonsense, and an encouraging smattering of HVSs. I'm normally a bit afraid of grit HVSs in case they're secretly The Sloth, but it seems that there are a few friendly ones knocking around. Now if only natural grit E1s could be this friendly...

Adam getting properly stuck into The Z Crack

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