Saturday, 1 October 2011

Some Things What I Did Yesterday

1) Ached like a bastard
2) Spent the better part of an hour trying to heckle Dan up the awkward start to Martello Buttress (to no avail)
3) Led The Nose (no, not that one), it was pumpy and bloody hard work
4) Had an amazing ginger beer/lemon and lime toffee flapjack combo from the van in the Plantation car park
5) Had some old school chimney fun in Tower Gully
6) Laughed at Jaime's amazing ropework skills
7) Finally tried Helfenstein's Struggle and didn't get stuck. It was almost disappointingly easy
8) Climbed some things I'd found hard a long time ago and found them easy. Hurrah.
9) Watched Pete & The Pirates at the Leadmill, they were ace, but it seems about 75% of all of their fans are total fucknuts. There should be some kind of embargo on bad people liking good bands. And I should be in charge of administrating it. With a big stick.

So, not a bad day :)

Jaime's ropework 101


  1. Ooh, Tower Chimney, how was it? And that snack van snack sounds like a great treat.

  2. Haha, the captcha letters I got for the above post were 'gowin'.

  3. Damnit, I climbed Tower Gully, not Tower Chimney. Tower Chimney still looks both terrifying and not that hard all at once.

  4. Oooooohhh :0( I misread it because of the word chimney in the same sentence.

  5. No, it did say chimney. I just exercised a little editorial control after you pointed it out :)