Monday, 7 March 2011

The List Of Psyche Part 2 - England

And on we go. There seems to be a fairly heavy geographical bias towards the South West and the Lakes, but that's where my psyche is obviously keen to go:

Rock Dancer - E1 5b, Carn Kenidjack
Improbable looking and apparently jug infested.

Sacre Couer - E2 5c, Blackchurch
Crimpy, slabby, mad looking bit of rock.

Astral Stroll - E1 5b, Carn Gloose
I heart sea cliff girdle traverses.

Matchless - E1 5b, Oldwalls Point
More crimpy slabby, mad rock goodness.

Crimtyphon - E2 5c, Compass Point
Apparently rather good.

Doors Of Perception - E1 5b, Baggy Point
Good name, climbs a slabby corner and I like Baggy a lot.

Heart Of The Sun - E2 5c, Baggy Point
Adventure with a capital AAARGH.

Fruitflancase - E1 5a, The Dewerstone
Classic granite crack climbing.

The Ocean - E1 5b, Lundy
American Beauty, only harder and with more vegetation? Sounds great.

Fifth Appendage - E1/2 5b, Lundy
We have previous.

The Promised Land - E3 6a, Lundy
Too hard, but a mega-inspiring line.

Headline - E1 5b, Lundy
Should have done it last year but wimped out. Looks great.

Magical Mystery Tour - E1 5b, Berry Head
See above comment about sea cliff girdles. Not too sure about the swim though.

Coronation Street - E1 5b, Cheddar Gorge
Uber-classic at an awesome venue. Apparently rather committing...

Ricochet Wall - E1 5b, Shooter's Nab
A nice line at a crag I really want to go back to. Sweatyman also looks ace.

Aladdinsane - E1 5a, Trobarrow

Night Of The Hot Pies - E1 5b, Cathedral Quarry
For the name alone. As a bonus it's apparently also quite good.

Razor Crack - E1 5a, Neckband Crag
A crack in a slab? Oh yes.

Aphasia - E2 5b, Sergeant Crag Slabs
A slab with gear and holds and maximum goodness.

Phoenix - E1 5b, Scafell East Buttress
The top pitch looks amazing.

The Philistine - E1 5b, High Crag
Great photo in the guide. Allegedly not that bold really. Hmmm.

Raindrop - E1 5b, Black Crag

Troutdale Pinnacle Superdirect - E1 5a, Black Crag
Might only be HVS, but it's a superdirect. Ooh yeah.

Columbia - E1 5b, Stonestar Crag
A little bit out of the way.

Bloodhound - E2 5b, Gouther Crag
A bit bold, but a lovely piece of rock.

Praying Mantis - E1 5b, Goat Crag
Ungainly crack climbing for the win.

Arcturus - E1 5b, Pavey Ark
Apparently the peg isn't that bad...

Capella - E1 5b, Pavey Ark
Low in the grade and free of scary pegs.

Poker Face - E1 5b, Pavey Ark
A challenge to climb this without hearing Lady Gaga in your head the whole way up.

Woolly Jumper - E1 5b, Bowfell Buttress

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